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Ari and I had a great time at the Festival Theatre‘s Halloween party Friday night.  They had tours of the theatre  with volunteers acting out the history of the theatre in a most ghoulish fun way.  There were wine and beer tastings, food, games, and great music (Monster Mash and Ghostbusters of course).  The party was a “fun”draiser for the theatre.

About 50% of the crowd came in costume with Ari and I doing our part to fit in.   Arianne came as an ivy (dress purchased at the theatre’s costume sale), and I came as the St. Croix Community Garden scarecrow – literally – I took her down on Thursday and put her outfit on me on Friday.  Thankfully we had a really wet October,  so I didn’t have a mildew smell.  I added some birds and butterflies to the hat to dress it up.   When I put her back in the garden in the spring her hat will look so pretty!

Ari & Julie 2009


There was a lot of dancing going on and since the scarecrow has been on duty 24/7 since June, she enjoyed having a night out to groove…..

Julie Hildebrand 2009 Halloween

BTW, the scarecrow is drinking a local brew 🙂

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